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a bird sings


chirps fluttering

blending with the bright, alive music

of the morning


quiet times

like these

are built for you

when the wind eases her way

through the tangled branches

waking up each lazy leaf

and making her way

to you

brushing loose threads of hair

back from your face

in times like these

you forget who you are

or rather

you remember

who you are not

allowing the rising sun

to strip away the identities

this world has imposed

on you

timid rays of hazy light

begin to dance their way


the soft, blonde fuzz

littering your thighs

blending with the heat

and energy

of your skin

as you become vast


allowing any feelings of separateness

to melt away

slowly dripping

like caramelized sap

off the stem of a freshly cut jackfruit

it's times like these

that wake and

remind you

of the infinite capacity and wisdom

living inside


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