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an island-dweller who quit her traditional life as a fast-paced corporate consultant to find meaning and purpose, and pursue a dream rich in color


i'm 28 years old, living and surfing in Indonesia... but how did I get here?

I'm originally from Chicago and have always been an athlete. I was a competitive springboard diver from age 12 to 22. I was the kid who did (almost) everything right. excelled in academics, and athletics, and seemed to have my head screwed on straight. I studied business at a prestigious university, and upon graduating and retiring from diving, landed a job as a business strategy consultant at one of the top global consulting firms. I made good money, and traveled constantly, but was a slave to the job. I worked anywhere from 50-80 hour-work weeks, under constant stress and pressure. My health was deteriorating, and I constantly felt like I was trying to catch up. I lost my sense of identity and connection and didn't feel any passion for the work I was doing.


So, I decided to make a change.

I started by going inward. This is the same time that I discovered Human Design, the framework that from then on would change the trajectory of my life. I remember learning about my own energy in this way was incredibly confronting, because it was so clear that I was living SO out of alignment with my energy - no wonder I felt miserable. At that time, I didn't feel ready to give up my job or my lifestyle, as I didn't know where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do. So instead, I tried to address my issues from the inside out. I started meditating and eating plant-based to counteract the stressful lifestyle. I slowed down and stopped trying to keep up with what everyone around me was doing. I realized that success wasn't defined by how many hours I was putting in, my rank, or the amount of money I was receiving every month. I realized that unless I was doing work that I actually gave a sh*t about, I wasn't going to be happy. And I have Human Design to thank for waking me up to much of this.

Then I bought a one-way flight to Indonesia to learn to surf, with no intention of returning (permanently).


WhatsApp Image 2021-12-01 at 01.09.09.jpeg

by Amanda Prifti, starring Erin Purdy

a short, poetic film about navigating the 2020 pandemic as an expat in Sri Lanka

directed, filmed & edited by Amanda Prifti
script by Amanda Prifti & Erin Purdy
narration by Erin Purdy
original sound by Zlatan Pasalic



When I quit my job, I promised myself that I had to find passion in whatever I did next. This promise led me to turn down offers that didn't feel aligned and forced me to confront a lot of anxiety and restlessness along the way. It would have been easy to give in and pick up a side-gig teaching English online or copywriting, but I knew that the promises we make to ourselves are often the most important and powerful. 

So I waited. And I sat with the discomfort - focusing instead on my self-discovery. Analyzing the emotions that came up instead of suppressing them (for the first time in my life). The deeper I went into my own process, the more I learned, and the more I started to see the world around me. I had been studying and learning to live my human design for a few years at this point, but now I started to look beyond just me - and towards those around me. I saw how many people around me were still struggling with themselves - their minds, bodies, and spirits - even while living in a tropical paradise. 

At this point, I took an opportunity to start my own network marketing business. I knew that my future was in entrepreneurship, and working for myself, and in my process of waiting - I received the perfect opportunity. Not only would I be able to start my own business, centered around health & wellness, but I would also be able to coach others to do the same - combining my corporate business strategy background with my passion for helping others. 

This is how I began my coaching business, mentoring other like-minded humans, eager to work online, find time and location freedom, and do more of the things they love, and less of the things they don't. This business was the PERFECT way to start doing more of what I love, putting my gifts and experiences to use and doing so in a space where I felt constantly surrounded by an uplifting and supportive community.

From there, everything expanded beautifully and organically, as I began to master the science of Human Design. I'm here to help ANYONE who's looking to build a connection with themselves, do the inner work, change their lives and build a life that is theirs and theirs alone.

And it all starts with energy. Human Design is the foundation of ALL that I do. I can't help you unless I know your energy, and what makes you unique. there is no one-size-fits-all approach for anything in life - whether it's business, personal development, or healing. So, I'm here to support you as you dive deeper into yourself, recognize your innate gifts and value, and make your dreams a REALITY.


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