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it's hard to connect

when i can't seem

to meet

your eyes

for some reason

my gaze darts

chin to temple

brow to cheek

a timid rainbow fish


but not quite ready to venture

far beyond the arms

of her watchful water lily

i tell myself that all i want

is a real

human experience

the kind that wakes you up

with crust in your eyes

and a feeling you reach for

but can't quite grasp

yet the intensity

of your golden stare

makes me shudder


like Calico sand

poured down my back

during sticky summers

on the Jersey coastline

what is it i fear?

that you might

see right through

onto the next blue, green hue

with a new story

shorter chapters

happy endings


that's not it

that's never it

i fear

that you'll see

the same depth

the same grace

the same stillness

that i feel

when my gaze meets your stare

green to golden

golden to green

energy frequencies

passing between planets

as the stars look on



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