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human design specialist and mentor, retreat host and facilitator, transformation coach 

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there is no such thing as a quick fix. no one-size-fits-all. stop seeking advice that isn't designed for your make and model. you are your own source of truth, it's time to tune in


you may be here

  1. You feel stuck. In your head all the time, unsatisfied with your life, weighed down by expectations from the world around you 

  2. You are always playing catch-up with your body and health - stressed, fighting injuries or sickness, and/or struggling to find balance in your routine

  3. You're worn down by all the advice, information, and prescriptions on how you’re “supposed” to live 

  4. You yearn for more in life, career, and relationships. You have witnessed others living fulfilled, free, expansive lives, but have no idea where to start

I've been there all at once. In 2019, I was worn down from a high-burn corporate consulting job, and I felt stagnant. I longed for meaning and guidance but didn't know where to look


a taste of my 1:1 mentorship

Coaching Topics


the blueprint to living authentically as your unique self

  • human design is the science of differentiation that explains an individual’s unique gifts, patterns, and ways to interact with the world based on their own unique energetic makeup

  • it combines ancient and modern sciences - such as quantum physics and energetics, astrology, the chinese i ching, kabbalah, and the chakra system

  • this actionable framework can be utilized to transform your daily life, career, relationships, and overall health into a state of alignment, ease, and flow



deconditioning, raising self-worth & eradicating limiting beliefs

  • tackle limiting beliefs that are holding you back from the life you desire

  • identify the root cause behind negative patterns that have been keeping you stuck

  • identify the stories you've attached yourself to, releasing & rewriting those that no longer serve you

  • tap into the radical healing of 9D breathwork (the Ferrari of breathwork) for trauma release and energy/emotional regulation



the success strategy through creation, career, action & routines

  • Learn how to harness your unique energy to start taking action in your day-to-day life in a way that is aligned for you

  • Build routines based on your operating manual - taking into account how to feed your brain (with either structure or fluidity), the environment that is best suited for you, the ideal movement practices, etc. 

  • Implement regular practices that will nourish your brain and body instead of deplete them

If you're ready to rewrite your story, I'm here to guide you. It took me years of self-discovery to reach where I am today, and through our collaboration, we can expedite your journey to find yourself and your purpose.




I have been working with her for half a year now and have been able to get to know myself better as a person. She introduced me to my Human Design for the very first time, and consistently provides more information, at just the right time, to accompany me on my journey to finding the direction i want to take with my life.  
Erin does this so wonderfully with passion and you can feel her open heart as she does this - to support people and grow in life. I would always want to work with Erin again and recommend her wholeheartedly.


My life has turned 100% in a positive direction and I am now allowed to be my honest and true self and enjoy life fully. This ease of learning and understanding of oneself is something I don't think anyone should miss - so go and catch a call with Erin ;)


my heartfelt thanks to the wonderful and lovely woman who is changing my life, Erin! 🙏🏽

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At the start of our coaching journey, I joked that I felt like a painter staring at a blank canvas wanting to “paint my reality”. Suffice to say now that is over, I feel as though I’m living in that portrait…


Erin was able to help me get crystal clear on exactly what I wanted to create as well as the ever so important why behind them. We narrowed in several key areas to set my intention on and work through bringing them to life. It was truly wild on our last session when we stopped to go through each facet, that rather synchronously each and each one had a significant breakthrough over the prior 2 weeks. For anyone looking to get serious about bringing positive changes to their life – Erin’s your girl!


Erin is an inspirational, strong woman 

and encourages me to connect deeply with myself. She provides me with a deeper understanding of the inner-workings of my mind and has given me practical tools to utilise while navigating daily life. Her guidance and knowledge have helped my healing journey greatly. She is approachable and provides expert intuitive advice , I feel she knows me better than I do myself. I came to Erin seeking support through a difficult time of my life, her presence was a source of security and accountability, she made me realise I had strengths and abilities that I didn’t know I had. Her application of her knowledge of human design to every day life has been invaluable. She made me realise happiness is a choice and provided me with the tools and understanding to grow as a person. She has taught me to trust that the answers are within me, if I just sit and listen. I would recommend working with Erin to anyone



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