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the keys to the castle | finding alignment and self-acceptance

If natural flow, alignment, success, and ease are the Castle, Human Design is the key to that big and regal front gate.

Put simply, Human Design is your energetic blueprint that provides insight for living a more purposeful and aligned life. It's a way to understand your unique gifts and traits, strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly, it provides ACTIONABLE tools for how you can make decisions and express yourself in a way that is most productive and efficient. None of us are the same, there is no one-size-fits-all design for how we're meant to live our lives. So why do we keep using cookie-cutter solutions?

I hit a point a few years back when I was diving into EVERY possible modality in which to understand myself and get my life back on track. I wasn't happy or motivated, I didn't know what I wanted to do with my time, and I didn't even know where to begin looking. I had studied all the different personality tests and types (Myers Briggs, enneagrams, business chemistry, etc…), started moving more into ancient and holistic modalities (astrology, astrocartography, numerology, and more), and still didn't feel like I was any better off than when I started.

What is Human Design, and why should you care?

The Human Design System was created by Ra Uru Hu in 1987, and synthesizes both ancient and modern sciences, from Astrology, the I-Ching, the Kabbalah, the Chakra System, and Quantum Physics. It takes these ancient modalities and brings them together in a way that is relevant today- accounting for how we, as humans, have evolved over the centuries, and now require a more evolved tool to best understand and optimize our energy.

Each part of your design tells you something about your unique essence, your authentic self, and who you are at the deepest level. Most importantly, it's an incredible tool for self-discovery, spiritual growth, and self-acceptance. Human Design provides an actionable framework, for how to approach and analyze real-life situations, specific to you and your energy.

How did I find Human Design, and what did it do for me?

I was first introduced to Human Design in early 2018 while listening to 'The Balanced Blonde Podcast'. I had just hit a personal rock bottom, a breaking point of sorts, and had made the realization that I was not happy with my life, and far from it. Everything felt wrong. I didn't feel I had direction or purpose and I just wasn't excited or passionate about anything in my life. I spent a weekend alone in Florida walking on the beach and listening to podcasts, trying to quiet my mind and just listen to my body for once. It was my first evening there and I went out to the beach for sunset, which is when Jenna Zoe, the guest on the TBB podcast and Human Design expert, introduced what has since changed my life.

At that time, learning my Human Design type was really confronting. I was basically slapped in the face with the fact that I was living SO against my design. I was using my energy in ways that didn't light me up, drained me, and felt so forced. All because I was following the path that, according to modern society, I was "supposed' to. We are so conditioned by our external environment to believe that we have to live our lives in a certain way - regardless of who we are. And we blindly follow that path for most of our lives, unless we find ways to snap ourselves out of it. Human Design, more or less, was one of those things that woke me up.

Human Design was able to put an explanation behind, and logic to, why I felt so low and why my life wasn't shaping out the way I wanted, while also providing tools to move in the right direction.

I'm a very rational person. I crave logic, explanations, and I like to draw insights (which is actually shown, and written, in my Human Design chart). I needed this tool to give me the structure, the blueprint, to understand, and to start actually making CHANGE. It was a guideline for me to follow, to slowly decondition so many deep-rooted beliefs about myself and the way I was "supposed" to be and to start accepting the parts of me that I used to hide from out of fear of being different.

I started studying Human Design 3 years after I first discovered it. I spent those years slowly starting to integrate what I had learned, and to experiment with it. I slowly started to build my trust muscles and took action towards a more aligned life, even if it went against everything I had “learned” growing up. I look at where I am now and reflect on how I feel and it’s night and day from where I was when I first discovered this tool. And funny enough, I am following and living SO much more in alignment with my design. I’ve seen how it’s also been able to impact others within my circle as well.

So to me, that’s enough of a reason to continue to share with the world. To bring the teachings of Human Design matched with my own insights, in order to help others truly be themselves and find ease and flow in their lives.

Want to learn more?

You can check your chart for free here - just requiring your birth details, exact time, place, and location.

But there’s an intrinsically human element to Human Design that comes from having someone personally take a look at your unique situation, and synthesize all the different puzzle pieces. Which I invested in certifying myself as a Human Design reader. To share what has had such a profound impact on myself and my growth, with you!

Book a comprehensive reading with me, where I’ll walk you through the details of your chart, providing insights about your energy type, how best to use your energy in a productive and efficient way, how to make aligned decisions, clues into how to use your unique strengths and weaknesses, and where you’re most susceptible to external conditioning (+ how to start to decondition!)

What I offer:

  • 1:1 comprehensive online readings (60-75 minutes)

  • 20-25 page written synthesis of your reading

  • Both online reading and write-up

How to book?

Send me an email at: (or DM for prices, additional details, and custom packages


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